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Techno Horns

Head Augmentation
These rare augmentations can receive signals which are transmitted with vibrations directly into the skull. Users of the techno horns may pass them off as freaky fashion statements while in polite society, but actually use them to maintain clandestine low-fidelity communication with other users, forming a secretive communication network.
While one may think these people use their bizarre tech to pass on subversive and revolutionary messages, they are mainly used to pass around information about unauthorized parties taking place in the unsupervised depths and corners of the city. As a result citizens with Techno Horns are a common sight in the underground Mega City party scene.
They are often approached to use their network to assist causes and individuals, and while they are not opposed, they are often too uninterested, distracted, or hungover to assist.
Associated Brand: Privately owned augmentailors