🚨Lt. Septimo

Dirty Detective from the underbelly of Mega City

Incidents of techno-delinquency have been on a gradual rise for some time in Mega City. The policy of most Somnite authority is to simply locate and imprison or eradicate any offenders.

Low-level CSC Detective Septimo, relegated to a crappy beat in the most rusted Sectors of the city and largely ignored by the upper levels of the bureaucracy, has made many a shady deal with shadowy Somnite figures. MCIM pays the bills for even the dirtiest of work; from harassing Runners for illegal tech use to providing information or bodies of confirmed techno-renegades and Septimo is on call.

He estimates that the moral ambiguity of these renegades would allow him to bribe them into ratting each other out. And with the targeted individuals vanishing into the Somnetic ethers, Septimo can stack his numbers and try to jockey for more clout, a raise, and ideally a promotion out of this chicken-shit detail.

You can always drop him a line if you want to get one over on your nemesis - don't worry about what happens to 'em, not your problem.

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