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Ninja Mask

Face Accessory
Ninjutsu; the ancient art of the 1980's - where Ninjas ruled the streets, trained in warehouses and defeated gangs of enemies under the guise of darkness using grappling hooks and the spirits of their ancestors.
Their legend is preserved in the pre-Mega City museum archive before the great toxification, thanks to the final few MCO Drudging expeditions performed on the ancient structures beneath our city. Various video home system entertainment devices filled with spools of projection tape were located and many featured these honorable martial artists.
The original Ninjas were known to perform supernatural abilities, such as invisibility, shapeshifting and acts of agility that would otherwise be physically impossible. Many ninjas seemed front and back flip frequently in and out of view as if to shock or surprise their targets (Historians assume it was their most agile method at the time).
It is believed by some that the secret art of Ninjutsu has fallen back into popularity with niche groups of disruptive citizens that feel suppressed by the watchful eyes of Somtech. It has otherwise largely fallen back into legend and superstition.
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