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Funky Bandana

Head Accessory
This "funky" bandana is styled after a lost counterculture movement discovered after the final MCO Drudges brought up many delicate and historical records exposing much about the ancient age of the 1900s. A codex titled "Electric Kool-Drink Acid Quiz" shed light on a moment in history where humanity bred a generation of unconventionally offbeat, intentionally cool and socially unaccepted young adults that lived on the fringes of life and bathed infrequently.
These psychedelic pioneers created their own communes, manipulated sound waves attuned for "positive vibes", triggered multiple sexual revolutions and based on our limited historical knowledge - were the first people to explore altered states of consciousness by consuming a fruit-flavored powder diluted in water.
This replica Bandana by JANK Street is sure up your vibe and give you the confidence to make statements like "Peace & Love" and call everyone "brother".
Associated Brand: JANK Street
Last modified 1yr ago