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Rice Hat

Head Accessory
The crudely named "Rice hat" was another ancient marvel of simple yet functional design - providing it's wearer with ideal protection from the staggering tropical heat and direct sun in the environments where the coveted natural resource "rice" was once produced by a survival tactic called "farming" - a concept once lost to time now regarded by Mega City historians as one of the major engines for early life.
"Farming" was the practice of utilizing the natural nutrients within the planet's crust to actually grow new life from seed or propagation. This fantastical technique is no longer practiced as it's fallen out of practicality in our modern technological age and due to the fact that our planet's crust is completely submerged under the Mega Ocean.
Mega City's thin ozone layer guarantees incredibly hot summers and generally dangerous daytime UV. This is both the cause and benefit of a bustling night life in Mega City. The rice hat can be seen worn primarily by day trippers and those that must be out at the fringes of the city in the radiating day time waves due to their trade; our resident jellysquid-fishers and Som-Technicians responsible for maintaining the city's solar arrays.
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