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Hunter Eyes

Eye Accessory
Underground biohackers in Mega City developed a method for increasing spectral visibility using radioactively-charged stem cells incorporated into a synthetic retina implanted in a lab-grown replacement eyeball. This highly invasive and dangerous augmentation is essentially non-reversible and only applied by extremely skilled modification specialists, as well as being crazy illegal.
Hunter eyes, essentially being an unregulated body hack, are highly unstable; pouring radiation into the air as well as being glaringly bright. A powerful nanofiber band was developed for users to wear, which contains the radioactive dissipation as well as making the eyes marginally less conspicuous.
This modification provides the user with a mostly-passive ability to visually perceive different spectra, making them especially effective for tracking and covert infiltrations. The effectiveness of these abilities are somewhat unpredictable and can vary from user to user, due to the experimental and unsupervised nature of the technology.
Associated Brand: Privately owned augmentailors