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Gear Alpha Eddy

Pro Gearhead, Collector & Underground Collaborator
Eddy is a trustworthy gearhead that hustles between DVICE and Partswappers as a multi-district delivery manager.
Eddy has been in the game for ages, his pronounced augmented eyes have witnessed generations of Runners come and go through his network experiencing the highs and lows of the scene - making money, landing deals, failing hard.
His shops double as safe zones for Runners looking to move hot tech, get deals on cheap augment parts or just shoot the shit and boast about a recent successful take. He's got solid and reliable work if you prove you're useful, but nothing too risky. He's been long out of that scene for a while - too dangerous for his old bones .. but can be quite lucrative.
"I've worked with a lot of your 'type' before kid - and you can bet one thing that keeps them in my network is reliability."