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Polygon Mask

Face Accessory
These highly valued artifacts, obtained by only a select few in Mega City, are the remnants of an attempted coup by a sect of Somnites, who, dissatisfied with aspects of their position, plotted to branch Somnus' core code and create a new order of control. The separatists created radar-deflecting armored masks in order to bypass certain aspects of security around a core infrastructure hub they intended to capture. The attack failed, and the coup was defeated, and the sect was eradicated. The deflection masks made their way to the underground, and are now prized as both artifacts of the historical conflict, and a semi-ironic expression of resistance to Somnus' control and Somnetic life in general.
In addition to faceting designed to disperse radar and sonar, polygon masks are also made of EMP and RFID-resistant material.
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