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Hockey Mask

Face Accessory
The protective face armor of pre-history "Hockey" athletes who required a mask constructed of sturdy material to ensure they maintained ownership of their teeth during these fierce games.
Before the introduction of modern Gigahockey technology like Grav-plating, gyroscopic droid technology and hover skates - ancient Hockey games were played either on fields of frozen liquid or within a large volume whilst players balanced on intimidating foot gear retrofitted with blades or multiple wheels, depending on your style of play.
Rather then the regulation Grav-Orbs used today - Hockey was played using dense rubber "pucks" that could be whipped across fields at over 100mph. On impact these "pucks" could brutalize an undefended target. These physical hazards, in combination with the common practice of hand-to-hand combat mid-match, necessitated extensive protective measures for participants. Gigahockey's less hazardous approach eventually took over, turning classic hockey armor into a desirable collectible.
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