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Cowboy Hats

Head Accessory
Before the rapid formation of Mega Ocean motivated humanity's widespread adoption of synthoid agriculture and protein replacement gel, the people of the planet domesticated and consumed many of the planet's now extinct land animals to appropriately fulfill their daily required nutrients.
"Cowboy" is a lost term for the people who first domesticated these land animals on large unbelievable spaces of open green land seen only in historical projection. These people were from a place repeatedly referred to as "the old West" - which in relation to present day we consider to be location lost to both myth and time. Few have ventured out of the walls of Mega City to attempt and discover this "old West", never to return.
"Cowboy" culture was largely recovered in the form of drudged video home studio codex tapes. These fantastical characters were known to perform various tricks on the back of large beasts. They would frequently shoot their archaic weapons into the air and at one another. They would sleep outside throughout the night under the stars without fear of an O2 depletion bubble. Their iconic "Cowboy" hat style was recently modernized by famous pop singer "Tangie-Zip Zizzler" when they were featured wearing the hat lit aflame as he balanced on the back of a S0mtech witness drone during their latest music video for their new hit single "Lay Off Me Dad".
Associated Brand: La Fleur