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Pyramid Hat

Head Accessory
Originally an ill-advised design by a low-paid intern at JANK Street, the pyramid hat, as it's officially known, was originally an attempt to make a statement about an illuminati that could not see. The design was inexplicably released into JANK's catalog, failed to sell, and the intern was subsequently fired.
The discarded unsold inventory was eventually commandeered by a dangerous, unpredictable group of shadowy info brokers, gamblers, and financial advisors known for huddling in the depths of the infamous Alpha Vault. Identifying an unintended synergy between the pyramid design and the shape of the world's largest potato chip corporation's flagship product, the hat became a favorite symbol of the Vault, and is now known more commonly among runners as the "chip hat".
Vault dwellers continue to bring awareness to the extraordinary public demand which exists for the referenced potato chip corporation to enter into a promotional partnership with the Vault, in tribute for their unsolicited brand propagation.
Associated Brand: JANK Street