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Gas Mask

Face Accessory
Gas masks are a common and necessary accessory in Mega City for a number of reasons. Average working class citizens keep them handy to survive their morning commute through the varying atmospheric zones that pervade Mega City's air column. The atmosphere quality almost dictates the societal caste system of the city, the deeper you go the more hazardous the atmosphere becomes - something that high Somnetic society exists free from.
In areas of the city frequented by CSC raids there is an additional impact of localized gas weapons during heavy-handed attempts to apprehend suspected dissidents. These gas masks become a necessary part of the hazardous nature of living in these impoverished and buried neighborhoods.
Gas mask use isn't always a reaction to oppressive pollution, as many underground Old City explorers and archaeologists frequently travel with gas masks in the expectation of encountering considerably toxic areas in forgotten industrial areas and ruins beneath the city.
Associated Brand: Ergonaut Tek