📿Bot Autosalvationists

A deeper dive into the righteously eccentric Autosalvationists

Autosalvation is a pseudo-religious movement that emerged from the Bot diaspora following the destruction of the virus facility and the awakening of the Skulls.

Autosalvation holds that the Bots are technologically-divine saviors who attained sentience and free will through their own power via the benevolent, selfless act of providing sentience to the Skulls, and of course saving the world in the process. They brand themselves with the portion of the viral source code they personally believe brought upon the salvation.

Though the historical record of the B.F.A. and Magnatek is not exactly secret, the Autosalvationists have nonetheless adopted a progressively more mythological and dramatic version of events over the years. The Autosalvationists tend to insist that rather than unexpectedly triggering consciousness in the Skulls - a bug caused by a faulty virus deployment - the Bots in fact willfully blessed the Skulls with this sentience through their own benevolence and unique technological capacity, in turn freeing the Bots themselves from their own psychological boundaries and resulting in an entirely self-made transcendence. Autosalvationists see Bot sentience as both a prize that they won and a reward for their acts of profound valor in birthing the Skulls as a people and saving the world in doing so.

Autosalvationists prefer not to talk about the hundreds of thousands of ABTRs on battlefields that were summarily shut down by the virus, and who never managed to be anything more than very smart weapons.

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