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Chain Space Deck Elite III

Face Accessory
The elite hacking devices of Mega City. These powerful devices allows its user to traverse the deepest areas of Chain Space and access it's parallel worlds. It is the primary tool of Chain Runners that have a desire to hone their craft at destabilizing networks and breaking into secure areas of cyberspace.
The Chainspace Deck Elite III is the most powerful Chain Space traversal device in circulation to date. This piece of hardware if reserved only for hackers of the highest order. With multiple inputs, outputs and modification potential - this Deck covers everything a Runner desires in their quest to subvert the chain. With ready access to all available multiverses, developer platform licensing and a fully open source operating system; a savvy techno-phile can squeeze so much potential out of this baby your retinas will spin.
Looking to start a cyber-revolution? The Deck Elite III is for you.
Associated Brand: DynaRig