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Head Accessory
"BLITMAP" an niche internet brand anomaly that has caught the attention of Chain Space surfers with an eye for fine digital art collecting. This brand's mysterious imagery has been popping up more frequently in Mega City as cult internet groups use guerilla street marketing tactics to evangelize the project through the use of wheat pastings and sticker bombings. These symbols are obscure, seem to represent primordial emotions, shapes, stories, questions.
Rooted in the fan's mythos, there are a total of 100 "BLITMAP" compositions - each holding unique power beyond their current understanding. The creators of these images is largely unknown, and those that do know don't tend to share that information freely. All of these "BLITMAPS" are vastly different from one another and their true importance is actively debated by those within the confines of its fandom.
Associated Brand: Fan produced merchandise
Last modified 1yr ago